Position Name Laps LapsLead FastLaps Best3Laps BestLapTime FinishTime
1 Brian Strickland 59 42 15 12.9479 12.9321 15:59.6090
2 Nick Stremme 59 0 6 12.9348 12.9105 -1.5122
3 Jessie Jr 59 0 14 12.8658 12.8274 -1.7363
4 Dusty Dean 59 0 5 12.9809 12.9721 -2.1404
5 Willie Patterson 59 0 1 13.0129 12.9878 -2.5462
6 Bob Boley 59 17 4 12.9568 12.9418 -3.0278
7 Ryman Cassel 58 0 1 13.0169 12.9783 -1 Laps
8 Jake Zoll 58 0 1 13.0011 12.9572 -1 Laps
9 Bob R 56 0 0 13.1643 13.0698 -3 Laps
10 Jeremy Prime 32 0 0 13.1214 13.1026 -27 Laps
11 Trey 13 0 2 13.1938 13.1273 -46 Laps

Well folks here we are with another great night of 50 laps of action packed racing and boy was it.

Heat race Winners, Business Man Bob Boley and Slick Willie Patterson start on the front row to bring the field to the green.
Boley wastes no time taking the lead with Patterson dropping in for 2nd, Flyin Brian Strickland, who started 3rd is hot on the heels of last weeks winner with the Hack Nick Stremme 4th and Rocket Ryman Cassel 5th.
The caution flies on lap 3 for a simple spin and the field that was already bunched up is all over top of each other now.
Lap 7 Strickland starts to see Boley's lead increase and starts to give Patterson the chrome horn to let him know... letís go. A battle for 5th between Cassel and ElíDusto Dusty Dean results in Dean coming away with the spot. A few laps later Strickland overtakes Patterson for the runner up position and just as he starts to turn up the wick to go after Boley, caution flies bringing Boley to Strickland without having to use up his equipment. Your top 5 now is:
1. Boley, 2. Strickland, 3. Patterson, 4. Stremme, 5. Dean

The green drops once again and Strickland is all over race leader Boley looking high looking low but he just canít find the right spot. Strickland looks to be the man on the move and and is taking no prisoners.
Lap 15 Strickland finally gets his chance as Boley pushes high and Strickland takes over the top spot almost leaving the door open for the 72 of Patterson to sneak in but uncharacteristically, he backs out. One lap later Patterson gets really loose off of turn 4 and Stremme and Dean go around on the outside.
We keep it clean and green and on lap 25 Stremme and Boley put on a race for the ages as Stremme battled on the outside of Boley for 5 laps never giving up to finally take over 2nd.
Around the halfway mark Patterson gets back to the 4 spot by passing Dean and then out of nowhere The Outlaw Jessie Jr passes Dean to knock him out of the top 5 and it doesnít look like the Outlaw is done yet, he wants 4th now.
We are still clean and green and all of a sudden Boley gets loose in front of Patterson and with nowhere to go Patterson and Boley come together but amazingly Boley holds on to it but loses a lot of ground. Your top 5 now is:
1. Strickland
2. Stremme, 3. Patterson, 4. Jessie Jr, 5. Dean

Caution flies on lap 32 to bunch up the field again and this could be anyone's race with Stremme all over Strickland, also Jessie Jr and Dean trying to charge to the front.
Patterson hard into the turn 2 wall gives The Outlaw the chance he needs to throw his hat in the ring to win this race.
The last 18 laps stay clean and green and the top 5 remains the same.
1st Strickland, 2nd Stremme, 3rd Jessie Jr, 4th Patterson, 5th Dean.

In the post race a very confident Strickland says we could do another 50 laps, this car was a Rocket.

Nick Stremme 12.6425
Dusty Dean 12.6454
Brian Strickland 12.6552
Jake Zoll 12.6775
Bob Boley 12.7032
Tony Reiner 12.7688
Trey 12.7805
Willie Patterson 12.8022
Bob R 12.8183
Jessie Jr 12.8484
Jeremy Prime 12.8493
Ryman Cassel 12.8696

Bob Boley
Brian Strickland
Nick Stremme
Bob R
Jeremy Prime

Willie Patterson
Jake Zoll
Jessie Jr
Ryman Cassel
Dusty Dean
Tony Reiner