P Name Lps LpsLead FastLps BestLp Grid Pitstops DNFReason Driving Aids
1 Bob Boley 69 2 6 16.1684 3 0 AutoShift=1,Clutch,AutoLift,AutoBlip
2 Kyle Watson 69 4 5 16.1921 1 0 Clutch,AutoBlip
3 Rob White 68 0 2 16.1873 11 0 Clutch,AutoBlip
4 B. Strickland 68 0 5 16.2687 8 0 Clutch,AutoBlip
5 R. Cassel 68 0 0 16.3948 13 0 Clutch,AutoBlip
6 Jake Zoll 68 0 0 16.2606 7 0 Accident Clutch
7 Dusty Dean 68 0 1 16.3016 9 0 Fuel AutoShift=1,Clutch,AutoLift,AutoBlip
8 N. Stremme 67 59 28 16.1665 6 0 Fuel Clutch,AutoBlip
9 W. Patterson 67 0 1 16.2239 4 0 Fuel Clutch,AutoBlip
10 R. Knapp 68 4 2 16.2956 2 1
11 Jessie Jr 64 0 9 16.1430 5 1 DNF
12 K. Brockman 42 0 1 16.4035 10 0 DNF Clutch,AutoBlip
13 Trey Vaughn 15 0 1 16.3423 12 1 Engine Clutch,AutoBlip

Well ladies and gentleman we had beautiful weather and a packed house this past Monday at Sandusky Speedway and boy did the drivers put a show on for them with a crazy finish and with that being said letís cut to the action.

Heat race winners Kyle the kid Watson and the veteran Rodger Knapp bring the field to the green with Knapp using the outside to take the lead going into turn 1. Watson Hot on the heels of Knapp following is Bob the Beer man Boley Nick the Hack Stremme and the Mayor Willie Patterson rounds out the top 5.
Lap 4 the leader Knapp misses turn 3 opening the door for the field down low and Watson wastes little time filling that spot to bring the rest of the field that mistake cost Knapp a lot of positions.
Your new top 5 is: 1. Watson, 2. Boley, 3. Stremme, 4. Patterson, 5. The Outlaw Jessie Jr

Caution flies on lap 7 Top 5 remain the same as Watson brings the field to the green he spins his tires bunching up the field and leaving the door open for the top 3 going into turn 1. Boley in the 3rd groove Stremme in the 1st groove and the Leader Watson the meat in the sandwich and Patterson laying back waiting for the crash to happen but it never did as all three cars came out unscathed. Your new top 5 is: 1. Stremme, 2. Watson, 3. Boley, 4. Patterson, 5. Jessie Jr

Just before the halfway point Watson and Boley get tangled up with Boley taking the 2 spot bringing Patterson with him to take over 3rd Watson falls back into 4th Jr remains in 5th.
Caution flies with 12 to go and this would lead to the wild finish on the night. Your top 5 is: 1. Stremme, 2. Boley, 3. Patterson, 4. Watson, 5. Jake Zoll

The green drops off of 4 and the drivers know now is the time to go and if you have anything left now is the time to use it. Positions are swapping all over the track. Patterson tried to spin Zoll out of 4th to gain position. He managed to get the position and Zoll was able to gather it up but lost two spots. Then with 3 laps to go 4th place running Patterson runs out of fuel calling it a day and then out of knowwhere the leader Nick Stremme slows down the back stretch letting the field go buy he too ran out of fuel giving the lead to Boley and 1 lap later Boley goes on to take the checkered flag. An elated Boley in victory lane says I rather be lucky then good and today I was both as he hugs Patterson in victory lane telling him I told you I would win this race.

Jessie Jr 15.9226
Brian Strickland 15.9456
Bob Boley 15.9465
Willie Patterson 16.0218
Dusty Dean 16.0239
Nick Stremme 16.0469
kw 16.0708
Ryman Cassel 16.0984
Jake Zoll 16.1290
rob white 16.1290
Trey Vaughn 16.3620
Rodger Knapp 16.3901
Kyle Brockman 16.6909

Bob Boley
Jessie Jr
Jake Zoll
Dusty Dean
Kyle Brockman
Trey Vaughn

Rodger Knapp
Willie Patterson
Nick Stremme
Brian Strickland
Ryman Cassel
rob white

Created by rFactor League Manager