Position Name Laps LapsLead FastLaps AvgTime Best3Laps BestLapTime
1 Brian Strickland 66 66 15 18.5243 18.2118 18.1959
2 Dusty Dean 66 0 9 18.6584 18.1499 18.1467
3 Nick Stremme 66 0 2 18.7678 18.2113 18.1907
4 Jessie Jr 66 0 1 18.9163 18.2981 18.2596
5 Jake Zoll 66 0 1 18.8649 18.2220 18.1767
6 Willie Patterson 66 0 5 18.9273 18.1708 18.1601
7 Ryman Cassel 60 0 2 18.8275 18.2203 18.2033
8 rob white 47 0 11 18.6210 18.1790 18.1635
9 Tony Reiner 45 0 4 18.5285 18.1345 18.0567
10 Bob Boley 38 0 5 18.6160 18.1585 18.1412
11 william eads 11 0 0 18.9467 18.5640 18.5284

Well folks we had another great night of action packed racing here in the Magic House Sim Racing group. This week the Magic House boys took to the famed Thompson Motor Speedway in Thompson Connecticut where the straightaways are long and the corners are steeply banked for multiple racing grooves of close side by side action, speaking of action letís cut to it.

Your front row consisted of the heat race winners, The Terror of Canada Tony Reiner and the leader of the Michigan Mafia Flyin Brian Strickland. Reiner leads the field to the green for 50 action packed laps but Strickland with a hell of a start of his own takes the lead going into turn one shutting the door on Reiner .
Caution flies on lucky lap 13 to group the field back up.
1st Strickland, 2nd Reiner, 3rd El Dusto Dusty Dean, 4th Slick Willie Patterson, 5th The Hack Nick Stremme

As the green flies Strickland has no problem showing the way but Stremme touches Patterson's back bumper going into turn 1 and Stremme slides high opening the door for The Rocket Rob White to take over the 5th spot. White looks to be the man on the move early on. Letís see how the rest of the race plays out for the Rocket.
Caution flies again on lap 24 your new top 5 now is
1st Strickland, 2nd Reiner, 3rd Dean, 4th White, 5th Stremme

Drop of the green the top 5 stay the same with Reiner adding more pressure to the leader Strickland and Dean isnít far off. For the most part the field remains the same with a few cautions but nothing effecting our top 5 but on lap 40 that would all change 2nd and 3rd place drivers get tangled up knocking Reiner out of the race.
So here we go a 10 lap shootout for the win your top 5 now is
1st Strickland, 2nd Dean, 3rd Stremme, 4th The Outlaw Jesse James, and out of nowhere, 5th, The Living Legend Jake Zoll

As the green comes out for the final time, Strickland's lead grew to about a 4 car length lead and he was never pressured. Brian went on to win it going away. The top 5 remained the same for the last caution.
In victory lane, Strickland was overcome with emotion telling his wife to get that monkey off his back. Strickland dedicated the win to Teddy Christopher, famed modified champ and a regular at Thompson Speedway who passing away in the fall of 2017.
The action didnít stop in the pits either as Reiner and Dean had to be separated with Dean laughing the whole time and then out of nowhere Bob Boley pulls a Larry Holmes to help his best friend Dusty Dean and runs across Deans car to try and jump on Reiner, Reiner moved and Boley landed flat on his face and the crowd laughed at Boley. We tried to get a word in with Tony but we didnít have a translator that could speak Canadian.

Nick Stremme 17.8261
Bob Boley 17.8746
Dusty Dean 17.8989
Brian Strickland 17.9104
Willie Patterson 17.9609
Ryman Cassel 17.9780
Jessie Jr 18.0006
Rob White 18.0302
Tony Reiner 18.0500
Jake Zoll 18.0851
william eads 18.1127
Ken Moody Jr NT

Heat 1:
Tony Reiner
Dusty Dean
Willie Patterson
Jessie Jr
Nick Stremme
william eads

Heat 2:
Brian Strickland
Bob Boley
Ryman Cassel
Jake Zoll
Rob White
Ken Moody Jr

Created by rFactor League Manager