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Terry Gibson

Richwood, OH
24.03.1962 - 18.07.2008

If you are from Richwood Ohio and carry the name Gibson you just naturally have a draw to the open wheel race cars. Terry was no exception and competed for many years in midgets, 305 Sprint Car ranks, on both dirt and pavement, as well as the Supermodified car in the last couple years. Just like his father Todd and brothers Gene Lee, Jeff, and Larry, along with nephew Zach, Terry had the respect of the racing community as a fine competitor that would give it his all. The light to compete burned bright within Terry. Terry was one of the most liked and conversational competitors in the pit area at any track he visited. Never one to be afraid to voice his opinion on any subject Terry will be missed and leaves a void in the MSA and the racing community as a whole.

For me, this is the hardest thing I have ever had to write. Yes, Terry was a racer and a great guy, but he was also my friend as is the whole Gibson family. This is also a great loss for a very dedicated Midwest racing family. Growing up in the small community of Richwood Ohio and helping Terry with his 305 Sprint Car at Attica Raceway once in a while several years ago is something I will always cherish. I remember visiting with him and other racers at Sandusky a few weeks back, and then the very next week at Angola Indiana Speedway. I remember that night at Angola as he was just glad to be there, and talked of going to Toledo in the next couple weeks. He always asked for photos and there is nothing I liked better than to give any of my racing friends a disc of photos for their family photo albums. Terry always said thank you, as do the other Gibson racers. Any time I got a photo of Terry in a racing paper or his name mentioned in one of my many race articles he would go out of his way to look me up and say thank you. As I reflect now, it is I who should have been passing out the thank yous. Terry had a true compassion for the Supermodified race car and was also a Son, Brother, Father, Husband, and friend too many. He will be missed not only at the race track, but in the community at which he came from. God Speed my friend. For Terryís father Todd and mother Brenda as well as his three brothers and sister, Debbie this will take some time to heal. To the family God Speed and thank you all so much for sharing Terry with us. Terryís smile and witty commits will be missed by me, as well as many others, on race day and every day.

  . . . written by Todd Ridgeway of the Richwood Gazette

When you see somone so excited to do what they love and have it end this way the sadness is overwhelming. We can say he died doing what he loved but it still does not ease the pain. We have suffered many losses in this game but when it hits so close to home the grief is just that much more intense. I didn't know Terry as well as allot of people but I will never forget how he sought me out because he wanted to meet "SuperDave" I was really taken aback but then that was Terry. I will always remember the smile and his enthusiasm for the thing he loved to do. He was truly passionate about Supers and running with MSA. He will be missed.

  . . . written by SuperDave

This is a tough business we are in. It seems to get tougher every day. The loss of Terry Gibson brings to light just how tough it really is. His death leaves another unforgettable moment in time reminding all of us how short life can be and what might have been. For those that sat in the stands itís the loss of a fine competitor and someone you got to know watching him race. For those that knew him from the pit side you couldnít help but like him. He had that unforgettable Gibson aura passed down from his father and mother. For those of us that watched Terry and his siblings grow from childhood itís a bit different. Even though they all reached adulthood many of us older veterans still referred to them as the Gibson kids. Terry was always polite, very intelligent and a pleasure to talk to. He had his fatherís firebrand competitiveness and his motherís gentile attitude. He will be sorely missed.

As I sit here writing about old friends I canít help but think how the parents are always supposed to go before the children. There is no pain greater than burying your child, no matter how old. For Terryís father Todd, his mother Brenda and all the family this is a time of inconsolable grief that will take a long time to heal. I am so sorry for your loss. May God be with you all.

  . . . written by Kevin Ruic





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