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This page is devoted to Tributes to our fallen Supermodified heros and includes the Jim Shampine section at the bottom of this page.

Below is the list I have compiled so far of supermodified drivers that have left us. To help fill in the blanks, I encourage contributions in the way of personal stories, original images, and factual information, ie: dates of birth and passing. This (unfortunately) will be an on-going project, and cannot be considered a complete list of drivers that have left us.
I am especially interested in learning more about some of the less high-profile drivers. Much has been written about Jim Shampine, Nolan Swift and others, but I may need your help in posting well-deserved pages for so many of the other drivers on this list.
Most of the names below are now linked to completed or semi-completed pages. All are listed alphbetically by first name.
Please if you have any corrections or additions regarding this list.

Supermodifieds (modern era)
129 drivers listed here...

A.J. Michaels
Armond Holley
Baldy Baker
Barry Cann
Billy Vukovich III
Bernie Grant
Billy Blum
Bill Heeney
Billy Foster
Billy McClure
Bil Roynon
Bill Wiltse
Billy Yuma
Bob Goutermout
Bob Smith
Bob Stelter
Bruce Kraft
Brudy Drews
Brian Mackereth
Bryan Osgood
Bud Crotty
Bud Johnson
Carl Bergkvist
Dan Osmeloski
Dave Halstead Jr
Dave Loucks
Dave Thomas Sr
Dean Best
Dennis Lichty
Dick Carter
Dick Jerrett Jr.
Dion Parish
Don Diffendorf
Don Fleming
Don MacLaren
Dominic Miuccio
Eddie Bellinger Sr
Eddie Kingsley
Eddie Skofield Sr
Ed Thompson
Eddie Vander Lann
Ernie Lowe
Fred Brown
Fred Graves
Fred Peet
Frank Pressutti
Gary Witter
Glenn Schurr
Gordon Dukes
Harold Brown
Harry Jones
Harvey Lennox
Howard Brown
Jack Conley
Jack Greedy
Jack Murphy
Jack Nichols
Jack Sharpe
Jack Thomas
James Paternoster
Jeff Gibson
Jeff Stevens
Jerry Dolliver
Jim Cheney
Jim Gresley
Jim Howard
Jim Muldoon
Jimmy Nelson
Jim Shampine
Jim Winks
Joe Hlywka
Joe Martincic
Joe Orso
Joe Paeno
John Clapham
John Hopkins
Johnny Logan
John Michaels
John Theodorou
John Torrese Sr
Kenny Andrews
Ken Fisher
Kyle Adkins
Lee Bliss
Leo Caldwell
Leon Wieske
Marvin Carman
Mike Stone
Mort Anderson
Nellie Ward
Nick Rowe
Nolan Johncock
Nolan Swift
Ollie Silva
Phil Wendt
Ralph Denson
Randy Witkum
Rebel Jackson Sr.
Red Barnhart
Richie Evans
Roger Dunsmore
Ron Buckner
Ron Lux
Ron MacLeod
Ronnie Wallace
Russ Gray
Russ Sauter
Sammy Sessions
Sammy Snider
Skip Smith
Smokey Boutwell
Steve Lenhert
Ted Hogan
Terry Bartlett
Terry Gibson
Tim Richmond
Tim Timms
Tom Leeson
Tom Marks
Tom Naylor
Tony Lavati
Troy Ruttman Jr
Wayne Root

Early Modified coupe era
(1951 - 1961)

Casper "Cap" Gibson
Red Sequin
Charlie Barry
Chuck Ely
Dick Jerrett Sr
Freddie Barker
Peppy Cone

Note: many images in the tribute section have
been scanned from Oswego racing programs or
George Caruso Jr's great book,
"Oswego Speedway, The first 50 Years"

Jim Shampine


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